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The Forbidden Sweets Story . . .

Forbidden Sweets was established in 2002 by two stay-at-home Moms who had the idea to create a business that would be unique and allow them to be home for their children. Cheryl Schroeder, the mother of a son and two daughters with diabetes, needed to be available for her girls if the school needed her. Roxanne Abbeduto, the mother of twins, wanted to continue working from home in a job she enjoyed. With their love of their children and of chocolate, the two women created the Forbidden Sweets, Inc.

They started as a home based candy business selling home-made boxed chocolates, toffee and other confections at craft fairs across Northern Illinois and the success grew from there. While searching for ways to attract customers to their tables, they found making treats for kids to be fun and rewarding. Their search ended when they decided to make chocolate covered rice krispy treats in the shape of Sponge Dude, which continues to be a best seller even today.

It may sound unbelievable, but stores began contacting them on how they could sell their products in their stores which led to shifting their focus away from craft shows to selling wholesale. Likewise, they stopped selling boxed chocolates, instead focusing all their effort into taking chocolate covered rice krsipy treats to the next level.

Their first wholesale store was a candy store in Antioch, IL and their first chain store was the Learning Express Toy Store in Kenosha, Wi.

As the years progressed, their business grew and after eight years of running the business out of Cheryl’s home and five employees, it was time to move to a free standing facility. In June 2010, they moved to a manufacturing facility in Antioch, IL and increased their staff to a eighteen. Growth continued as they more retail partners and wholesalers were added to the growing list of 900. Recently, they added Hallmark to their list of excited retailers with more to come soon.

Chocolate Krispy Treats by Forbidden Sweets are unique treats made fresh for every order. Treats are hand cut, completely covered in chocolate and hand crafted by their designers using a pallet of bold, beautiful colored chocolate. Each treat is roughly 4 inches in diameter, weighs 3.5 ounce, and is packaged on a sturdy sucker stick in a clear cello bag and shipped across the country to hundreds of wholesalers and retailers every day!

Of course, these treats look great and are enjoyed by people of all ages. With over 500 styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. They can customize almost any shape to satisfy customer requests and even include custom logos.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our site, purchase on line, or visit one of our retail partners – spread the word!